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The study and practice of psychology as related to the world’s converging ecological and human crises can be divided into distinct strands:

Environmental Psychology – psychology as applied to understanding what engenders behaviour change towards sustainability and towards mitigation of and adaptation to the impacts of environmental crises (particularly climate change)

Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy – psychology as studied and practised in response to people’s affective reactions to ecological crises (particularly the ‘trauma’ that can result from realisation of the predicted impacts of climate change and peak oil) – and – psychology directed at exploring and addressing human ‘disconnection’ from nature’ and/or experiences in the natural world as part of a therapeutic process.

The former application tends to focus on academic social policy research whilst the latter two applications arise much more in the work of practicing psychologists and psychotherapists.

At present these different strands are muddled together in the links provided below. I will expand this text and better organise these resources soon.


Some Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy & Environmental Psychology links and resources:



Ecopsychology UK – Ecopsychology 

Wikipedia – Ecopsychology

Wapedia – Nature Deficit Disorder


Some Organisations:

Centre for Human Ecology – Ecopsychology module

Children & Nature Network – Reconnecting Children with Nature

Conservation Psychology –  Network of academic/independent researchers/practitioners

Ecopsychology Institute – Online resource

Ecopsychology UK – Online resource

European Ecopsychology Society

Psychologists for Social Responsibity

International Community for Ecopsychology

Ecotherapy UK


Some Books and Journals:

Theodore Roszac –  Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind

Theodore Roszac – The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology

Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist – Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind

Joseph Dodds (forthcoming) – Psychoanalysis and Ecology at the Edge of Chaos

Peter Kahn – Technological Nature: Adaptation and the Future of Human Life

Richard Louv – Last Child in the Woods

Ecopsychology Journal

European Journal of Ecopsychology

The Great Turning Times – Ecopsychology Newsletter (UK)

Ecotherapy Heals – Ecotherapy Newsletter (USA)

Psychology and the Environment – Newsletter (Australia)


Academic Reports and Teaching Resources:

American Psychological Association – Psychology and Global Climate Change report

Teaching Psychology for Sustainability – A Manual of Resources

MIND Report – Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health

WWF Strategies for Change – Common Cause: The Case for Working with Our Cultural Values

WWF Strategies for Change – Meeting Environmental Challenges: The Role of Human Identity

PsySR – Inspiring Action: The Role of Psychology in Environmental Campaigning and Activism 

PsySR – Climate Change, Sustainability & Psychology Toolkit

PsySR/Friends of the Earth – Presentations from2010 Workshops

American Psychologist – Special Issue, May-June 2011 – Psychology and Global Climate Change



British Academy/British Psychological Society 2010 Annual Lecture – Psychology and Climate Change

 All In The Mind – ABC Radio broadcast on climate change and the psyche

All In The Mind – ABC Radio broadcast on psychology, sustainability and behaviour change

All In The Mind – ABC Radio broadcast on ‘nature deficit disorder’

All In The Mind – ABC Radio broadcast on the connections between ecology and psychology

Garrison Institute – Videos of  2011 ‘Climate, Mind and Behaviour’ presentations.

George Marshall video (3 parts) – The Ingenious Ways We Avoid Believing in Climate Change

Jeremy Rifkin – RSA VisionVideos –  The Empathetic Civilisation 

Michael Killin interviews Dr Carol Tang (video) – The Psychology of Climate Change

Future Primitive – audio interview with psychologist and PTSD therapist Chellis Glendinning

Future Primitive – audio interview with psychologist Dr Craig Chalquist


Some Ecopsychology Pioneers & Practitioners (alphabetical):

Linda Buzzell (USA)

Craig Chalquist (USA)

Thomas Doherty (USA)

Martin Jordan (UK)

David Key (UK)

Richard Louv (USA)

Joanna Macy (USA)

Kathy McMahon (USA)

Rosemary Randall (UK)

Mary-Jayne Rust (UK)

More UK practitioners here and here

More international practioners here


Miscellaneous Related Links:

Roman Krznaric on Empathy

Richard Mabey – Nature Cure

Glenn Albrecht – On Solastalgia and Soliphilia

Monty and Sarah Don – The Jewel Garden: A Story of Despair and Redemption

Sarah Brampton – Digging Towards the Light 

Worldchanging – ‘Solastalgia’ and the Mental Affects of Climate Change

Play Again film –

New York Times –  ‘Shrinking’ the Climate Problem

New York Times – When Trying To Preserve the Planet Strains Relationships

Independent – You may be suffering from ‘eco-anxiety’

Guardian – Why our children need to… engage with nature

Boston Globe – How the city hurts your brain

The Independent – Ecopsychology: The force of nature

New York Times – Is There An Ecological Unconscious? – Nature Deficit Disorder

Grist – Do Environmentalists Need Shrinks? – ‘Solastalgia’, ‘Soliphilia’ and the Ecopsychology of our Changing Environment


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